Uniform – All students should come neatly dressed in properly washed and ironed uniforms. School has regular uniform for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday students have PT uniform. Students are allowed to wear color dress on their Birthdays. They should trim their nails periodically and no one should sport long/pointed nails.

Belt, Ties and Shoes – Students should wear uniform belts and ties. Students are allowed to wear black sandals (No other color) on rainy days and other days black shoes.

Hair Style - Growing long hair or sporting fancy haircuts are not allowed. The school will be at liberty to take corrective measures and order a regular /normal haircut. Boys should come to school with simple and normal hair style (hair combed from left to right, not to comb back/spike). Girls should come to school with the hair plaited in two sides. Girls may wear small black ear studs, black hairpins and black hair bands.