(Educate, Empower, Enlighten)

Dear Parents, Guardians & Students,

A hearty welcome!

It’s academic year 2022-23 for blended learning with Tech & human resources!! Though the past years marred by Covid-19 yet God’s gracious blessing was upon everyone especially this academic year. We are able to begin anew refreshed and reenergized awaiting to meet each other to interact and to learn together. Therefore, we have chosen this year the theme “EXCEED TO EXCEL” (Educate, Empower, and Enlighten). As you all are aware that the education is moving towards competency based learning. Students will be provided ample opportunities to unearth the hidden talents and to exhibit their real learning. They certainly are assisted by our teachers to nurture & explore more in their life. We provide and create atmosphere of educating their Hearts & Mind of all emphasizing our Holy Cross Founder’s vision. The students, teachers & parents too experience that they are empowered. These cherishing & empowering opportunities in way enlighten their lives and give definite sense of exceeding in all spheres of life especially in the lives of students. We together strive to exceed to excel.

We have introduced a radio program called ‘BITES’- (Be In Touch Ever Smiling) on every Monday wherein students of class IX & X get opportunities to be radio jockeys. They provide us the local and School news. This extends them to showcase and hone the skills in language, communication & delivery. They learn to speak accurately, briefly and clearly. We have introduced again this year LL which enables them to articulate and dialogue well. We have on every last Friday of the month a color awareness day. On every first Friday meant for spiritual/inspirational talks or sessions. Every Friday is meant for activities outdoor & indoor and also on every Wednesday club activities. We have introduced this year indoor activities such as Violin, Table Tennis & Carom other than usual Roller Skating, Band, Dance, Yoga, Karate etc.

The year ahead also opens up for new ventures under the name ‘TARANAG’ wherein the students exhort their hidden abilities & talents in Cultural & Sports activities in align with all CBSE requirements and other Govt. initiatives EBSB & AKAM.

I wish all of you a fabulous year ahead.

Fr. Santhosh Jacob Nazareth, CSC

Holy Cross School, Aymanam