School Admission

Parents interested in seeking admission for their children in Holy Cross School are requested to get the application form for admission offline/online, duly filled, and submit it to the school office. Admissions are given subject to the availability of seats. Students who have been granted admission to the school are required to pay the prescribed fees within the stipulated time and submit all the essential documents. Failure to do so shall render the admission forfeited

Admission & Withdrawal

  • Pupils coming from other schools are requested to bring their transfer certificate from the school last attended.
  • New pupils must be introduced personally by their parents or guardians who will be responsible for their regularity and fees.
  • Transfer Certificate will be issued only to those who have paid the fees and other dues.
  • Parents who intend to withdraw their wards from the school should apply for T.C. at least 15 days in advance. For withdrawal due to unforeseen circumstance one week’s notice should be given in writing, in the normal course T.C. will be issued only after the declaration of Annual Examination Results. If the parent is out of town, the representative/ guardian should get an authorization letter from the parents of else. T.C. will not be issued.
  • Entrusting pupil to the School implies that the parent agrees to stand by the rules and regulations of the schools. They are requested to see that the children also abide by the school regulations.