“Educating Heart and Mind”
  • Promoting academic excellence
  • Upholding the cultures & traditions of the students
  • Advancing in Sports & Games


We shall provide holistic and quality educational opportunities to the young entrusted to our care, who hail from a wide range of social, intellectual, economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds that possess a variety of talents and abilities. “We shall always place education side by side with instruction; the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart.” With zeal, we shall strive to form informed and responsible citizens of the earthly society with heavenly values, and integrated morality. While striving to form excellent persons through our mission of education, we shall try to blend gentleness with firmness, prudence, and vigilance, which is the secret of successful education".


  • It serves a diverse population.
  • It finds ways of providing educational opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged, even at the cost of considerable sacrifice.
  • It is a community as well as a family in its approach to education.
  • Its service includes helping students to get the best education possible.
  • It selects and retains teachers with great care.
  • It helps students become active and informed citizens and instills in accomplishment
  • It provides an orderly learning environment with efficient and well-maintained facilities.